Java – Downloading a Website

Recently I had to figure out how to access a specific url on my server from within Java to update the scores for a Java based game. I figured out that the easiest way to to this is to download the whole contents of the page. This simulates you actually gling to the site on [...]


Well I got back from my vacation a few weeks ago and have been too busy to update anything here. I am in need of suggestions! Post below in the comments about what you want to see added to this site. It can be in almost any programming language!


Well I decided to do a little update on what’s to come here on BncApps. Next little thing that will be posted is a C# Msn client example. It will be posted soon. The first version only has logging in and loading a list if online contacts. In a future post I plan in having [...]

Java – Painting Shape Objects

Well we have taken a look at drawing and handling shape objects in VB.NET, why not take a look at how to draw them in Java? Note: This tutorial is assuming you already know how to setup a JFrame or a JApplet, if not that tutorial will be here sometime next week. The tutorial will [...]