DotMSN – Messaging Library

DotMSN is a messaging library to work with the MSN protocol in your .NET applications. It is made and managed by Xihsolutions and it is also open source. I will take a look at this and try to put together some cool things that can be done with it. In the meantime, check it out [...]

VB.NET + Java – Collision Detection

I got a email asking how to do collision detection in Java. While i’m at it, I might as well review collision detection in VB.NET, that was used for the gravity example ( Visual Basics .NET   If Object1.IntersectsWith(Object2) Then ‘do whatever End If   Object1 and Object2 can be anything from labels or shapes. [...]

VB.NET – Lights On Level Loader

I got a email requesting that I go over the code that I wrote to load levels into the Lights On puzzel game clone I made (found here) So I will go over line by line what each thing does in the full article. [ad#linkbar]

VB.NET – Lights On

Edit: Here is a demo video! This is a clone of the popular puzzle game Lights on. The purpose of the game is to turn all the lights on, or in this case; make all the buttons blue. Sounds easy, but once clicked the button clicked, the one above, below, to the left and right [...]