Java Twitter Timestamp to Unix Timestamp

The Twitter API is very unorganized, everything is in obscure formats that need to be converted into something that can easily be worked with. The Date stamp returned on all tweets is in a format that is not easily search able through a database, or compared to. Here is a simple method that will convert [...]

Java Parsing Twitter Tweets

Another method I needed for my Twitter Client I am developing was a way to parse the tweets. By this, I mean make links, hashtags and usernames clickable. I did this using Regex. To make use of the regex library, you will need to import:   import java.util.regex.*;   Here is the full code, pass [...]

Twitter Account Validation Script

I have many Twitter accounts I need to manage, and recently a few of them have been hacked, or the passwords got changed for a few hours, then changed back. Instead of finding out too late when this happens, I decided to write a script that checks them, and emails me notifying me if the [...]

Mass Tweet Lottery

This is my new project, launched today. It is called the Mass Tweet Lottery and it is basically a unique style of Twitter Lottery. Once you join, you have the random chance of being chosen daily. If you win, you gain a credit. Credits can be cashed in to Mass Tweet a message through all [...]