I still get constant emails and messages asking for the tutorial of my youtube video. I have a post about it here. I have not had a lot of time recently to make my own tutorial, so I decided to post up a few things. Well, the PRX plugin I used is called Cheat Device [...]

Shape objects in C++ (PSP)

We already discussed shape object creation and movements in VB.NET, but now lets take a look at it in C++. The principals are the same, create an Array or ArrayList for the rectangle object, and set its x and y position as well as its width, height and color. This example will show shape object [...]

PSP VCS Fly + Updates

Visit http://PSPGTA.INFO For the cheat! A lot of people have been coming here looking for the PSP cheat to fly in Grand theft Auto, just like my youtube video. The tutorial will be up when there is time. For now, please suggest a programming tutorial for me to work on! This is the video: Please [...]