Download a file in PHP

Here is a simple function to download a file in PHP and save it on your web server. I needed this for another project, so I coded it and decided to post it up here! The $file variable is the url to the file And the $savefile variable is where it should be saved on [...]

Twitter API – Creating lists with PHP and cURL

I needed to be able to create Twitter lists for my Tweet Large project. So, here is a method i made to do this. It is in PHP and requires the cURL library. Simply pass the new list name, as well as the username and password and the list will be created.   public function [...]

TweetLarge – Current Project

First of all, I am sorry for this being the only post within TWO months! Here is the story: Over the past 2 months, and for the next little while I have been working on a project with a team. The site is Twitter based and its purpose is to give you free Twitter followers. [...]

Mass Tweet Lottery – Now with Twitter oAuth!

Today I was learning how to use the Twitter oAuth API. If you dont know what this is, it is a way to allow third party sites access to your Twitter account to send Tweets and read your data, without giving your actual password! I worked to get this implemented in to the Mass Tweet [...]