Java Applet as a Facebook App

I recently received an email asking how I figured out how to pass information from the Facebook API to a Java Applet. In the email, the man wanted to be able to access the users Facebook images so they can edit them within the applet. The way the Facebook API is setup, you can not [...]

Java – Downloading a Website

Recently I had to figure out how to access a specific url on my server from within Java to update the scores for a Java based game. I figured out that the easiest way to to this is to download the whole contents of the page. This simulates you actually gling to the site on [...]

Java – Saving Text Files

Well yesterday we looked at loading text files in Java, today we will look at writing text files. The code is very similar, but instead of FileInputStream, FileOutputStream will be used. I don’t expect this one to be as long as the loading text files. It is all the same principal so there is no [...]

Java – Loading Text Files

Loading text files in Java is easy and has endless possibilities. It can be used to load in high scores for a game, a document for a java document reader, or even settings for the application itself. Writing text files is also useful, that article will be up tomorrow! Lets get started. We must import [...]