Java Twitter Timestamp to Unix Timestamp

The Twitter API is very unorganized, everything is in obscure formats that need to be converted into something that can easily be worked with. The Date stamp returned on all tweets is in a format that is not easily search able through a database, or compared to. Here is a simple method that will convert [...]

Java Parsing Twitter Tweets

Another method I needed for my Twitter Client I am developing was a way to parse the tweets. By this, I mean make links, hashtags and usernames clickable. I did this using Regex. To make use of the regex library, you will need to import:   import java.util.regex.*;   Here is the full code, pass [...]

Java XML to Map Class (XML2MAP)

Wow, It has been such a long time since I made a post here! I am going to try and start posting more often instead of letting this blog die out. I have been developing my own Twitter client, and I needed a simple way to access elements from an XML document. Unlike PHP, Java [...]

In class bordom

So today in my Java class, when everyone was learning how to do their Hello world “programs” I just coded some random thing that takes input until a certain string is entered, and counts the vowels. I will probably be posting a whole bunch of random codes up as the weeks go on and I [...]