Sockso – Open Source simple music streaming server

Earlier, I made a post about an open source iTunes music streamer I came across, called PulpTunes. I have found another music streamer that works similarly, except it does not require you to have iTunes setup on the computer! It is a simple, standalone application that uses the Java runtime libraries to stream your music [...]

Invisible Shield

Well I have a few minutes to make a post before I must get back to work. I don’t have enough time to make a programming post, so I will review something! After I bought my iPhone, I heared about the Zagg Invisible Shield. Unscratchable, and smudge proof is excactly what I wanted. I didn’t [...]

iTalk – Free iPhone Voice Recorder

Here is another review of a free iPhone application available in the Appstore. The iTalk voice recorder seems to be the best one I have found yet. With approximately 1mb of space per minute on the “better” mode it can record even the littlest sounds in the room! There is no need to hold it [...]

Vlingo – Free Iphone Voice App

Just going to give a quick review about the free iPhone Application available in the appstore. This free program allows voice google/yahoo searches, voice map searches, voice dialing and updating Facebook and Twitter status by talking! The voice recognition seems much better than the Google Mobile app. It combines multiple applications into one (voice dialer, [...]