– Free Stuff! is a site where you can get free stuff, such as iPods, PS3′s, cases, etc. After a day I can already cash out to get a free iPhone skin, costing 35 points. You gain 2 points for joining, and you get to play a game where u collect the falling points and that should [...]

In class bordom

So today in my Java class, when everyone was learning how to do their Hello world “programs” I just coded some random thing that takes input until a certain string is entered, and counts the vowels. I will probably be posting a whole bunch of random codes up as the weeks go on and I [...]

Mass Tweet Lottery – Now with Twitter oAuth!

Today I was learning how to use the Twitter oAuth API. If you dont know what this is, it is a way to allow third party sites access to your Twitter account to send Tweets and read your data, without giving your actual password! I worked to get this implemented in to the Mass Tweet [...]

Twitter Account Validation Script

I have many Twitter accounts I need to manage, and recently a few of them have been hacked, or the passwords got changed for a few hours, then changed back. Instead of finding out too late when this happens, I decided to write a script that checks them, and emails me notifying me if the [...]