TinyBy.com – Proxified URL Shortening and Redirection Service

http://TinyBy.com is a new project of mine. Started months ago, but I havent had time until recently to actually work on it. It is a URL redirection service with something no other site has, the ability to make the redirection go through a proxy. This allows you to share links to those who may not [...]

TwooTwoo – Get Twitter followers fast and free!

Recently I worked on a project to allow anybody to gain many Twitter followers fast, and all auto pilot. You simply register once, spend about 30 seconds of your time following a few other users and then you are added to the train. If you register as a free user, you will be cycled throughout [...]

Macbook Pro!

Well I recently got my new Macbook Pro. I will be looking into iPhone and iPod touch programming soon!

Sockso – Open Source simple music streaming server

Earlier, I made a post about an open source iTunes music streamer I came across, called PulpTunes. I have found another music streamer that works similarly, except it does not require you to have iTunes setup on the computer! It is a simple, standalone application that uses the Java runtime libraries to stream your music [...]