SQL and general input safety

If your website is taking data from the user in anyway, whether it be a search bar, a login form, or register form, without proper safety measures you can suffer an SQL injection attack. SQL injection will basically let the end user run queries on your database, meaning they will be able to read data, [...]

Website parsing for specific data

Depending on what web application it is your making, sometimes it is necessary to verify ownership/verify that the person has access to a website they claim they own. For my other project, tibiaviplist, I verify that the user put a specific code in their characters comment before letting them register. This proves that they have [...]

PHP GD Image Drawing

Recently, I had PHP GD installed on my server so I can use a CAPTCHA script on other sites hosted here. Since I had instaleld PHP GD, I figured I would take a look at it and see if I can get anything out of it. After playing around, here is what I created: As [...]


Well I got back from my vacation a few weeks ago and have been too busy to update anything here. I am in need of suggestions! Post below in the comments about what you want to see added to this site. It can be in almost any programming language!