Tibia VIP List

Tibia VIP List is my latest project. It is a web based Tibia VIP list that allows you to add friends from the online MMORPG game Tibia, and see when they are online. This project is only 2 days old but has gone far in that time. Currently, to register it requires validation. To validate, [...]

Tibia Mobile

I just wanted to give an update about what I was working on, and allow everyone to beta test it. In my previous post I wrote about data scraping in PHP. The project I have been working on revolves around scraping data off a web page. I play a MMORPG named Tibia. I managed to [...]

PHP Parsing

Well I have been working on a new project that requires extensive PHP parsing. So as the first post about PHP, I decided to put up a little tutorial. This tutorial will show you basic parsing of a web page to get one piece of data that is wanted. This tutorial example will be getting [...]