I still get constant emails and messages asking for the tutorial of my youtube video. I have a post about it here. I have not had a lot of time recently to make my own tutorial, so I decided to post up a few things. Well, the PRX plugin I used is called Cheat Device [...]

“Hey, what are you working on…?”

Well, I got a email asking what I have been up to and why its been so slow in updating the site. Well the main reason not much has been done here is because I have run out of ideas! This is why I always ask that if you need a tutorial done, or don’t [...]

The Computers Directory

Well, one exam down, 3 to go. I thought I would post up a little directory I have going of computer services and software around the USA. is the site and lists over 30,000 different businesses around the states that offer computer services. Check it out, you can add your own aswell to let [...]

Back Soon

All my time is currently taken up with final projects and studying for exams. By January 26th, you will start seeing a lot more posts because of a easier semester. But, you can still send in some suggestions for me to work on when I am back!