DotMSN – Messaging Library

DotMSN is a messaging library to work with the MSN protocol in your .NET applications. It is made and managed by Xihsolutions and it is also open source. I will take a look at this and try to put together some cool things that can be done with it. In the meantime, check it out [...]

Video Demos

I will now be posting video demos after each release. I just finished uploading the demos for the Slot Machine, Gravity Tester and the LightsON puzzle game. They have been edited into the appropriate posts, but here they are aswell: Slot Machine: GravityTests: LightsOn:

Save Energy On BncApps!

You may have read the previous article about and now we have a sub domain setup to use the free service! Using it will redirect you through Greenified’s service to make this site in all black! This saves energy and helps promote a more ecofriendly world. You don’t have to be just limited [...]

Java – Painting Shape Objects

Well we have taken a look at drawing and handling shape objects in VB.NET, why not take a look at how to draw them in Java? Note: This tutorial is assuming you already know how to setup a JFrame or a JApplet, if not that tutorial will be here sometime next week. The tutorial will [...]